visus-david newsThe first gigapixel, multi-view rendering of The Digital Michelangelo Project's David can now be downloaded and viewed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The ViSUS Gigapixel David app allows you to explore the digital laser-scan of the statue David in extreme detail. With a simple pinch or spread of the fingers, users may zoom in and out to explore such details as the drill marks and scratches left by the artist Michelangelo. The David model consists of 933 million triangles from a laser-scan of the original statue created by Professor Marc Levoy and members of The Digital Michelangelo Project at Stanford University. The original data is made of 8 million polygons, each about 2.0 mm in size, smaller than the thickness of 2 dimes.

Download the ViSUS Gigapixel David app at the iTunes app store.

The ViSUS Gigapixel David viewer is also currently available as a Windows web browser plugin (Firefox and Chrome) or as a standalone application for Windows, Max OS X, or OpenSUSE, available via