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DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2009.01704.x


We propose a new framework design for exploiting multi-core architectures in the context of visualization dataflow systems. Recent hardware advancements have greatly increased the levels of parallelism available with all indications showing this trend will continue in the future. Existing visualization dataflow systems have attempted to take advantage of these new resources, though they still have a number of limitations when deployed on shared memory multi-core architectures. Ideally, visualization systems should be built on top of a parallel dataflow scheme that can optimally utilize CPUs and assign resources adaptively to pipeline elements. We propose the design of a flexible dataflow architecture aimed at addressing many of the shortcomings of existing systems including a unified execution model for both demand-driven and event-driven models; a resource scheduler that can automatically make decisions on how to allocate computing resources; and support for more general streaming data structures which include unstructured elements. We have implemented our system on top of VTK with backward compatibility. In this paper, we provide evidence of performance improvements on a number of applications.


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DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/180/1/012084


One of the central challenges facing visualization research is how to effectively enable knowledge discovery. An effective approach will likely combine application architectures that are capable of running on today's largest platforms to address the challenges posed by large data with visual data analysis techniques that help find, represent, and effectively convey scientifically interesting features and phenomena.

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Computing and analyzing the topology of scalar fields has proven to be a powerful tool in a wide variety of applications. In recent years the field has evolved from computing contour trees of two-dimensional functions to Reeb graphs of general two-manifolds, analyzing the topology of time-dependent volumes, and finally to creating Morse-Smale complexes of two and three dimensional functions. However, apart from theoretical advances practical applications depend on the development of robust and easy to implement algorithms. The progression from initial to practical algorithms is evident, for example, in the contour tree computation where the latest algorithms consist of no more than a couple of dozens lines of pseudo-code. In this paper we describe a similarly simple approach to compute progressive Morse-Smale complexes of functions over two-manifolds. We discuss compact and transparent data-structures used to compute and store Morse-Smale complexes and demonstrate how they can be used to implement interactive topology based simplification. In particular, we show how special cases arising, for example, from manifolds with boundaries or highly quantized functions are handled effectively. Overall the new algorithm is easier to implement and more efficient both run-time and storage wise than previous approaches by avoiding to refine a given triangulation.

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